Refund Policy


We strive to do the best for the best customer experience and maximum customer satisfaction.

When you want to make a return, we want to do it in the easiest and fastest way.

We hope you like everything you order from us, but if something goes wrong, you have 14 days to send it back to us.

We will issue you a full refund using the same method you paid for, the cost of the return will be deducted from the original payment ($25). We ask that items be clean, unworn and with all tags on.


-Repack the product. -Create a return request by logging into your account. -After you create your return request, send the package to us.
-When we receive your returned product, you will receive an email to process the return.

You must pay the return shipping fee and keep the receipt.


First of all, you must return the returned products under the conditions possible for resale.

The product must be unused and not damaged.

The product label must not be take off.

The product must not have been modified.

If there are product accessories, they must be sent in full.

It must be sent back with the invoice.


1- Pack your return securely (in the original packaging if possible) and be sure to include the return form you filled out.

2- To send your return, deliver it to the cargo.

3- The cost of each returned order is $25. This cost also applies per order if more than one order in one package is returned. This will be deducted from your refund.

4- Wait for your Return Confirmation email that we will send when we process your return.

Please note, it may take up to 14 days for you to receive and complete your return.

Be sure to keep your receipt in the meantime, as the return is your responsibility until it reaches us.

If you have not received your return or refund confirmation from us, please contact us.

Fresh Scarfs was founded in 2016 by two young female entrepreneurs in Istanbul.

Motivated to meet the demands of Muslim Hijabi women, all of the products of Fresh Scarfs go through a trial process personally by the founders before getting started with the production line. Therefore, Fresh Scarfs becomes the leading brand in Turkey by having the most diversity in fabrics while accommodating the richest color range.

While growing more every single day thanks to its loyal customer base, Fresh Scarfs aims to become the leading scarf brand worldwide.