Shipping Policy

Delivery Information

We offer standard home delivery. Free shipping applies to all orders.

The available shipping methods, cost and available delivery time of your order will be displayed in your cart.

We will deliver your package within 2-4 business days excluding customs clearance times. Delivery may take a little longer in high season. Please note that PENC is not responsible for any additional time that occurs while your package is held at Customs.

How Can I Follow?

As soon as we start packing your order, we'll email you with delivery details and order information.

Please note that it may take a few days for the tracking information to load.

Also, when you log in to My Account, 'MY ORDERS'; You will be able to track your order.

Undeliverable Parcels

If a package is undeliverable according to the delivery option you selected, it will be automatically returned to Fresh.Co

Please contact us to learn more about your package.

Import Duties and Customs Duties

Please note that prices on do not include local sales taxes or VAT.

If the value of your order exceeds the free limit in your market, additional charges may apply for import duties and customs duties upon delivery. does not reimburse these fees.

You can consult your local Customs Office for more information.

How Are These Fees Paid?

After your order enters the customs of the country to be delivered, the customs clearance will be held by the Customs. During this time, import duties and taxes (if applicable) will be calculated by government agencies.

Once the order reaches your local customs, our shipping partner will contact you and let you know how much you need to pay to clear the order.

Bank Fees

Please note that your bank may add additional fees for cross-border payments. does not reimburse these fees.

You can contact your bank for more information.

If you have not received your return or refund confirmation from us, please contact us.

Fresh Scarfs was founded in 2016 by two young female entrepreneurs in Istanbul.

Motivated to meet the demands of Muslim Hijabi women, all of the products of Fresh Scarfs go through a trial process personally by the founders before getting started with the production line. Therefore, Fresh Scarfs becomes the leading brand in Turkey by having the most diversity in fabrics while accommodating the richest color range.

While growing more every single day thanks to its loyal customer base, Fresh Scarfs aims to become the leading scarf brand worldwide.